May 22, 2006

Pump it!

The black eyed peas (BEP) concert was on Saturday and it was so much fun! I highly suggest going to see them whether or not you have seen them in concert before. The second time is even better. The pussycat dolls, not so great (unless you enjoy strip clubs). Which I was bummed out over because I love their music. And just so you know the main singer, nicole, is that pretty in real life. Fergie* on the otherhand is not as pretty in real life. But overall the concert was great. Here are my photos, sorry the actual concert ones suck: Hilary freaking out with excitement!

Oh, I am ready! Ready to rock on!

Daniel looking all stud like on the way to the BEP concert.

(Aren't those shades fantastic!)

All of us wore pink to celebrate my cousin Becky's
Birthday! Becky is in the middle. We were hoping we could
get her onstage, and even though we didn't. still made
hand gestures to my aunt Vicki(Right). We were pretty close.

Leah, Becky, and Vicki...ready for the concert to start.

Sister ready to shake our humps.

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