October 16, 2007

Fall Changes

First of all...congrats Shenanigans on your engagement! So very excited for you.

This morning I packed some hot soup in a thermos for GreedyK and I to share for lunch. I think I am starting to warm up to fall. It has never been my favorite season. It is cold and there is so much work to be done. I am not one who really cares for Halloween or Thanksgiving, so there isn't the added bonus of either of those.

Halloween always scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. I specifically remember one Halloween night that my cousins and I went trick or treating. I was older, and decided that we could go out on our own without a parent. I was a spice girl that year, scary spice infact. I had a leopard skirt and black platform shoes. It was not the most comfortable outfit, but it was fun. We had made the rounds and were getting close to finishing up. The streets were starting to clear, due to the young kids were all at home and in bed. As we approached a house, a guy with a Mike Meyer's mask and a chainsaw ran out from the bushes. We were terrified as we stumbled to get away as fast as we could. Being a spice girl running from a chainsaw man is a difficult task. My platform shoes twisted, but I didn't care. I kept running, while my foot landed on the side of the shoe with every step. The man eventually got his laughs and left us alone. I didn't go trick or treating the next year.

And Thanksgiving was another story. I rather liked Thanksgiving as a kid. I mean I could have 3 slices of pie! No wonder I was so fat. But, Thanksgiving was ruined in the event of my parents divorce. Now before I go on take note that I was in High School and you don't think about gratitude, you only think about being embarrassed. So the first Thanksgiving after my parents divorce, we were living on food that was provided by our church. My mom had six kids to feed and a house to pay for, and it was just too much. Our church was a great help to us, but I was embarrassed by this fact. So we planned on having a small thanksgiving dinner with what we could come up with in the items we were given. We didn't have what we usually would and that was a slight disappointment. Thanksgiving morning at about 5am the doorbell rang. My mom opened the door only to see no individual, but a large box filled with everything for an exquisite Thanksgiving meal. My mom rushed down and woke us all up. When I heard the news I was mortified. What if someone I know did this, I didn't want to be the charity project. I just wanted to be normal. I was in fear that word would get out and we would be looked at as the poor kids that needed help. I was a brat now that I look at it. But at the time, I was pissed at this act of kindness. How dare they make us feel like less than them? And Thanksgiving ended for me that day. I decided that I didn't need Thanksgiving and that I wasn't going to recognize it as a Holiday, but instead a day that happened to have a good meal if it came about. After I started dating KC, I found out that this was his favorite holiday so I had to be more cheery about it. But now that this year KC and I possibly have no place to go for this holiday, I am starting to think that I might take this dinner on myself. And I can't wait.

So as I said before, I think I am starting to actually love fall. So I hope that everyone is enjoying a beautiful fall day. Enjoy the changing leaves, and snuggle up with a glass of apple cider next to the fire. This is a warm, comfortable season, one to be grateful for.

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  1. I think you can do it, Vievie, make T-day d inner all by yourself. I made my first entire Thanksgiving feast in 05 for me, the hubby, and three of his friends, and I ROCKED! It turned out fantastically! I'm doing it again this year, except for hubby's family. I am really excited to do it again, also. So, if you decide to do it, we will have to swap ideas!