November 07, 2007

New Job

I put my week notice in at my job on Monday. It is a good and bad change for me. It is good because I won't have to deal with my narcissist CFO. And I will be getting a 25% pay increase, with paid vacations, and tuition I am definitely stoked for that. It is at another computer business. I will be in the customer support department handling clients emails. Ya! No phones! well, I am sure there will be phone involvement, but not as much as I have now. Plus I will be working with a good friend of mine...and future brother-in-law, Josh. Some of you may know him. I worked with him at Deseret Book. So it will be good fun to work with him again. Also Hilary's fiance got a job there, too. So two future brother-in-laws. I think that if they would have been family I wouldn't have gotten the job, but since they aren't, all is well.

The bad portion of leaving the job is two fold. One I will miss out on the luxuries of doing homework and chatting on IM while being paid for it. And two, which is the biggest downfall to leaving, and the one that makes me want to that I won't be working with GreedyK (my sister) anymore. We have had some great fun together. I am going to miss that like crazy. But luckily she is my sister and so I will get to continue to see her, just not everyday. I have learned alot from her, and am greatful what a great coworker she made. I think that I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to work with my sibling. Not many people get that chance, and I am telling you now that if you ever do...take it.

Well, I will let you know how the job goes....I start on the 19th. I decided to take next week off before I get going again. It will be a good chance to breath, I haven't done that for sometime.

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  1. Thanks Gen. I will miss you too. Who am I going to tell all of my juicy gossip too? Dan?

    I'm really excited for your new opportunity and hope it works out for the best. We can always do lunch!