May 02, 2008

KC, America's Next Top Model

Yesterday morning I woke up and went down to the kitchen and almost crapped my pants when I saw 3 inches of snow on my car. Typically I would already be pissed about this situation, but yesterday it really threw me into a cold sweat because we had planned to get our engagement photos taken later during the day. The photos were supposed to set the mood for our summer wedding, which could NOT be done with snow in the area.

I had been planning for this event for weeks. Saturday I got my hair dyed and cut (which is an event in itself, since the last time this occured was last may). I searched for two weeks for the perfect outfit that would slim my torso, but also coordinate with KC's black buttonup shirt and jeans. And after watching multiple hours of ANTM, I was sure that I could get the poses down. And I even practiced smiling in the mirror everyday while getting ready. That is what Tyra says models should do, so why not give it a try. We told our photographer that we wanted an urban, grungy feel and that it was in no way required that the ring was shown or that we had typical engagement poses.

Exhibit A, we did NOT want this.

We wanted something artistic. I was looking for something more along the lines of this:

We suggested using graffiti, street signs, gutters, etc. and everything had been planned to have this stage for our invitation inserts. Believe me when I say it will be cool. So as the day wore on the snow kept coming. I got more worried that the gutters would be spewing with dirty water and that the graffiti wouldn't be clear behind a snow sprayed wall. I knew that we could change the date and I even called to see what the photography, aka Randy, suggested we do. We decided to wait it out and meet at the studio at which time we could then make a decision.

At 5pm KC and I showed up, looking mighty dang hot if I might add (it is a rare occassion that both of have a good hair day). And if we didn't get the shoot in, I think I would have thrown a hissy fit knowing that it probably wouldn't happen again. But I have to say it is a good thing miracles happen, because I believe yesterday was one. The snow stopped, the 40 degree weather turned to 65 degree weather, and my hair didn't go flat. What else would you call it?

So we started our shoot at a junk yard. A car bumper junk yard I might add. Randy got out of the car and asked the hispanic man working there if it was okay to take photos around the yard. His reply was, "Why would you want to do that" in which KC said, "it's artistic". So we stood in an alley of various colorful bumpers and made serious, sexy faces. Randy made us kiss for some pictures which I soon learned that it totally makes me uncomfortable. While we were taking some shots the hispanic man came back over to see how things were going, he asked if he could watch and then repeatedly shook his head and said, "I just don't undersand." Those shots were my favorite and I pray that I didn't ruin them. I discovered that I wouldn't make it as a top model, or just a regular model for that matter. I was totally stiff, and I guess I like to tilt my head and shrug my shoulders because I was told to straighten out alot. As for KC, I am entering him into the first reality show called, "America's Next Male Model". He was a natural. This was an even more shocking discovery than me NOT being a model natural. KC knew exactly how to pose and when to move. He was pretty hot, I think he has some real skill there and so did the man I am about to tell you about.

So our next spot was at an abandoned loading dock. We were leaning against the rusted garage snuggled up against each other laughing and such. Across the way was a fence, about 7 feet tall with a mans head peeking over. He had to have been standing on something, because he was just to casual about the situation. As he is smoking his cigarette with his nice wife beater straps barely showing he became our own ANTM judge. First things first, he says in a low voice, "OH Yeah!" (maybe he took tips from Asher). Then we take a few shots and he says, "Nice pose." And then he says, "Maybe you should take one with your clothes off" and then I realize once again I am not on ANTM. So after a few good laughs and some great (hopefully) shots we got out of there.

We went to a total of I think 6 photo spots that were randomly found around downtown, but to our disappointment salt lake city has stayed on top of graffiti removal and thus we didn't get any shots with the art of gangstas.

Overall, I was really pleased with what Randy came up with. Now it is waiting time, and I am scared to think I am going to come out in the photos looking similar to Chandler Bing.

Note: I couldn't find a picture of Chandler but I did find this line that can express what I mean by this. "Chandler: No, there are great pictures of you standing next to a guy who’s going like this... (Makes what can only be described as a toothy frown.)"


  1. All I know is I'm having a really hard time picturing all of this! Not that you're description isn't excellent (as it was.) But, that it's just wrong for me to think KC is going to be on ANTM. Unless it's an SNL version, in which all the models are judged on the pictures of their butts. And then....I can totally picture it!!

  2. How funny Gen! I found a clip of that Chandler moment you were taking about. Was your photo session like this?

  3. Cool! I can't wait to see the photos! You have to send me the link to them as soon as you get them-I really am dying to see how they turned out! I can totally see KC striking a pose-he's such a sucker for attention. I'm sure you were great too-you're always too hard on yourself! See you on Saturday!!

  4. I can't wait to see the pictures!

  5. Sounds like you looked FIERCE! Tyra would be so proud. Looks like all those hours spent in front of the tube watching ANTM was time well spent :) Can't wait to see the pictures.