September 29, 2008

Lunch in Vermont

It had been a long week for KC and I, so we decided to do something extra different on Saturday. We decided on driving an hour away to Brattleboro, VT for lunch and some site seeing. For one of our wedding gifts we were given a book about the best places to visit in New England. The book had mentioned Brattleboro, but it didn't give it the credit that should have been given for this small town. First off, the drive to Brattleboro was gorgeous. Before coming to Massachusetts I had heard that the New England fall was the best. I believed that Utah had enough tree and colors, that I didn't think I would be all that impressed. My parents used to take us on a drive every fall called the "O0h Ah Drive". During this once a year drive, we would go up in the mountains and view the scenery, collect leaves to perserve with contact paper, and ooh and ah the fall leaves. I can now say that the "O0h Ah Drive" has now gone to the next level. We plan on taking another drive or two before the leaves fall. I tried to capture the leaves on the drive, but I was disappointed with the pictures, and couldn't bare to show them to you. It wouldn't have convinced you.

Once we got to Brattleboro, a storm started to come in and the fog started to take over. I am glad that we got the chance to visit this day. With the drizzling rain, the city was very intimate and a perfect Saturday getaway. Immediately out of the car we got this view:

There are so many churches all around New England and I loved this view with the fog and trees. We then walked across the street to a cute cafe that served hamburgers with VT cheddar and maple syrup bbq sauce, with an added home cut french fries. It was delicious.

After our lunch we walked the strip of antique shops. And KC caught a glimpse of a bridge and found out that the connecticut river was only a couple blocks away. Across the river was new Hampshire. Things are so close here, that you can hit three states in an hour. So we walked across the bridge in the rain and were blessed with the most beautiful scenery. I am in love with this river, I was born for water. I hardly find nature making me feel like I could stay for hours, unless it is the ocean, a lake, or now rivers.

Well, there wasn't much left, except that we took a picture of the New Hampshire sign, and then turned around forgetting completely, until we got into the car, that we forgot to walk INTO New Hampshire. So I guess New Hampshire is for another day.

On another note: There are minimal craft store here, so I am trying out the new trend, digital scrapbooking. I don't have photoshop, so this has been a little difficult. So I am still trying to figure things out. But here is my first layout.


  1. Oooh...exploring the northeast looks like so much fun!! You guys are really doing some awesome adventures!!

    I'm glad you started scrapbooking digitally. Maybe you can ask for Photoshop for Christmas. So don't spend too much time on a program that you might not end up using long term!! You're doing a great job. I totally love it! I'll get you a list of the scrapbook blogs I visit. Sometimes they have freebies and they always have good ideas!

    Good to see someone in the family is branching out and getting some culture!!

  2. I love these pictures. What a beautiful part of the world. The picture of the church with the fog reminds me of Luxembourg. Gorgeous! You look really happy. I'm jealous of all the experiences and adventures you two are having. What a great time in your life! Enjoy every moment of it! I'm really sick today but i'll see if you're online later to visit.
    PS In case KC forgot, today is Paul's b-day.

  3. i love the layout and how pretty i want to go too.

  4. guys look so cute!

    A girl that works with KC's dad came into my work today and said that she was getting cupcakes for Paul's birthday. She also said that she noticed a huge difference in his mood since you guys left, he seems to miss you guys a lot, I thought it was sweet.

    Anyways, these pictures are so beautiful. I especially love the one by the lake or river or whatever it is. I love bodies of water. (Weird?)

    P.S. I couldn't help but miss the Ooh Ah Drive. Good times, good times.

  5. PS. I love the new look of your blog and I'm proud of your digital scrapbooking-that page looks great. Now, I need to figure it all out!
    Oh and I am going to steal your idea of an "Ooh Ahh" drive-SO fun! We always did that but never had a fun name to go along with it. I love all the fun things your fam does-we need more of that!

  6. I won't take credit for a lot (ha, ha, ha) but I will take one hundred percent credit for the Ooh Aah drive no one ever wanted to go on, in the end. I once wrote a story about that. Ah, the good old times. And the antique store made me want to jump in the car and go out there. I, too, am so glad you are soaking up the place. Nice job! Keep up the good work and help letting us feel the area through your wonderful eyes and thoughts. We love you, Gen, and I miss you very, very much. Mom

  7. I love the picture with the fog coming in...very romantic!

  8. Anonymous5:19:00 PM

    I am so glad the two of you get to see so many beautiful and fun things, I totally envy you. I would be there is a nano-second if the air fares weren't so high. I think I will call your stay in the New England states the adventures of KC and Gen. Love you both

  9. I'm a hybrid scrapbooker..I love going digital and adding regular elements. You can use Gimp 2.0 instead of Photoshop. It's free to download and has all the same functions as Photoshop.

    I also like Shabby Princess (free kits) and Little Dreamer Designs. :) Cute blog!