December 01, 2008

Advent Calendar

So it's official...we are counting down the days til christmas. Growing up my mom had an advent calendar for us. She would stuff each pocket of the calendar with a small candy. Each day we took turns who got to pick the candy first. I always wanted the starburst or the butterscotch hard candy. This year, we have zero christmas decorations. It is very sad. But with the cost of going home, I was more than willing to give up the decorations to pay a portion of the tickets home. Though, I am still thinking I could sure use an advent calendar these days. So this doesn't have candy, but it's free and it's christmasy...and that is all that matters at this point. And do you like my new decorations? Beautiful huh? I still can't figure out how to make the header wider...Lara...any tips?

As for my post, I thought I would give an update to the rest of our holiday activities. Thursday we stayed up all night and finally headed to target at 5am for the black friday sales. The lines weren't as bad as in Utah. But the store isn't a super target, and thus much smaller. So when we got inside it was actually more packed. We didn't find the deals to be that great this year, but KC did get a video game and I got some clothes. We made a rule that we had an amount limit and whatever we bought were our christmas presents. Thus they are still in the bags. KC wants to play his game, but the rule is a good thing since he needs to focus on his studying. And I got some skinny jeans, so it's a good thing I can't wear them until christmas, because I need to workout my thighs a bit more.

Besides the sales, this weekend we were invited to a friends house for dinner. I have really enjoyed these friends. They are from Utah. It is fun to talk about what we miss and what we don't miss (more of the former than the later). And they are just good company. The great thing about them is that right from the beginning there was no fake-ness to the relationship. They are totally real and I enjoy that for a change. And they are hilarious...we laugh the entire time we are hanging out.

Sunday, I was absolutely lazy. I didn't take a bath until 5pm, to give you just a clue of how lazy I was. And after that I just sat around more. KC and I watched a hallmark special and it's sequel, called "Single Santa Claus finds wife" or something along those lines. It was TOTALLY lame, but we couldn't stop watching it. We had to see if Helen from wings was going to catch on that he was santa. What a way to waste time...

So it was back to work. I had a hard time with that idea last night, but now that day 1 of being back is over, it isn't too bad. It just means that I have 1 less day of work until I get to see my family. Only 12 more. Obviously I like to countdown to stuff...


  1. oh great... now i'm dying to know if Helen found out it was Santa. Did she?

  2. Yes, he tells her, she thinks he is a crazy, breaks off the engagement, christmas gets cancelled...

    ...then she finds out through an event that she has the gift of magic that all the past Mrs. Claus's have had..

    ...they get back together and save christmas...

    I told you...I should have spent those 3 hours doing something else.

  3. oh my...that sounds pretty crappy. But it couldn't have been worse than the hallmark movie I watched the other day called "Christmas in Boston" was about teenage penpals. HORRIBLE acting. Kind of like the Invisbles, so it was actually fun to watch.

    Anyways, where was I going with this....


    POINT 2: You guys are coming home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was that another orgasm?

  4. Ha ha! I loved Hilary's comment-too funny!
    Anyway, I think this blog idea is SO great!