February 16, 2009

8 things

Okay, Hilary tagged me to complete the "8 things" list. And then Kelsy completed it, so I figured I must do it...

8 Favorite TV Shows

1. Friends
2. Lost
3. 30 Rock
4. Wings
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. The Big Bang Theory
7. The Office (but it's losing steam)
8. Live, with Regis and Kelly (so sad, I know)

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Made eclairs
2. Finished 2 scrapbook pages for my wedding album
3. Organized my scrapbook supplies
4. Watched "27 Dresses"
5. Cleaned the Kitchen
6. Internet window shopped
7. Took a long bath
8. Worked a tad

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Taking some time off of work
2. Going to Providence
3. Going back to NYC
4. Tuesday, scrapbooking night
5. My family visiting
6. Corn Beef on St. Patty's Day
7. The next episode of Lost
8. Sleep

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. La Cocina
2. Winger's
3. The Cheesecake Factory
4. Asian Star
5. In n Out
6. Lettuce and Laddles
7. Italian Village
8. Red Rose Pizzeria

8 Things on My Wish List

1. See a broadway show again
2. Go to Timesquare on New Year's Eve
3. Own a piece of Tiffany & Co. diamond jewelry
4. Have a completely organized home
5. Go to Washington DC
6. Go to Fayetteville, NC
7. Go to Europe
8. Go to everywhere!

8 people I tag....

Krysta, KC, Jodi, Debbie, Lara, Crystal, Kathleen, and Kylie.


  1. OOH fun! I love these kind of things-I'll do mine tomorrow! I learned some interesting things about you-I'll post more tomorrow-I'm dead tired and off to bed!

  2. Ok I'm back. I am SO jealous that you made eclairs and think you should send me some! Did you really make them from scratch? Are they hard? Send me the recipe! I shouldn't eat them but they are SO yummy!
    I like your wish list-I want to visit everywhere too! I wish I could be rich enough to fly wherever/whenever..how nice would that be?! I want to see the world!
    MIss ya!

  3. You coming to Fayetteville is on my wishlist, too :)

  4. ECLAIRS send me some! or just like send me the recipe!

  5. It's Krick and Kels, we are at mom's. We just booked our flight! See you in May.

  6. Who's blog did mine end up on?

  7. Eclairs? Really? I can't learn that, Patrick would be a REALLY fat man!!

    We just don't understand the knock on Office. And we want to know what season you've been watching.

    Oh, and not cause I don't love you...cause I totally do....but I highly doubt I'll do this tag thing...I never do. But again, not a love issue. Just sayin'

  8. Haha! Moms ended up in a comment on my blog- crazy lady! So, you made eclairs! Those are a very intense thing to make, I am proud! Were they delicious??? I'm glad you did the survey...

    Ps. What did you guys do for v-day? Blog? I'm curious!

  9. I did mine Vieve. Hils found it...

    Tag, I'm it...

    8 Favorite TV Shows

    1. David Letterman
    2. KUTV news
    3. CNN
    4. Antique Road Show
    5. NFL games
    6. MadTV
    7. Um, um, Dr. Phil
    8. QVC (never buy, but love to watch
    8+. The Weather Channel

    8 Things I Did Yesterday

    1. Ate a Hershey bar.
    2. Ate another Hershey bar.
    3. Helped a resident move in.
    4. Wrote on a book.
    5. Watched KUTV weather and then David Letterman
    6. Laughed really hard at a joke at work.
    7. Tucked Kels in.
    8. Took the dog out to poop.
    8+. Dreamt a post office truck fell over on Kelsy and I lifted it off of her, then cried, but she was okay.

    8 Things I Look Forward To

    1. My next trip to Hawaii.
    2. My next trip to see Vieve in Mass.
    3. My next trip to the beach.
    4. Having the Alzheimer's Gala over
    5. Getting up each morning
    6. Going home from work.
    7. Running.
    8. Garage sales in the spring.
    8+. Sundays.

    8 Favorite Restaurants

    1. Chili's
    2. Z'Tejas
    3. Rodizios
    4. Tommy Burgers in L.A.
    5. Twoheys in South Pasadena
    6. Philly Steak Sandwich at Arby's
    7. Pastrami Sandwich at Astro Burgers (and onion rings)
    8. Chocolate cake at Carl's Jr.'s
    8+.Hershey's Pie at Burger King
    8++. Crispy meat burrito at Taco Time

    8 Things on My Wish List

    1. To live near a beach!
    2. To go on a mission!
    3. To see all of my loved ones in heaven!
    4. To always have fun!
    5. To keep laughing every day of my life!
    6. To eat endless best chocolate ever w/no calories!
    7. To write a play and see it performed!
    8. To always have my gas tank full w/o me ever having to fill it!
    8+.To take a watercolor class and paint pictures!