July 05, 2009

Maine: The way life should be!*

Thursday, July 2nd

Worked a full day. Things are insane. Transitions, negotiations, and complications. My job is changing regardless of what happens as a result of management's battle. The good news is that I have a job, that it gives us the funds to be comfortable and enjoy what leisure time we get. Which is not much these days.I have worked harder than ever this year, and hopefully that with the changes coming that my job will become more manageable and that I can get more help.

As soon as 5:30 hit, I (for once) clocked out on time. And we packed the car and got the hell out of town.

It was a 3 hour drive to Portland. We pretty much blasted the stereo and sang tunes the entire time. We hit a good rainstorm in New Hampshire. Have I mentioned that I love rain? Especially during a long drive. That and singing with my babe just made us get to our destination in a blink of an eye.

We pulled in around 9:30, checked in, watched "run fatboy run", and then got to bed.

Friday, July 3rd

It is funny how vacations are the one time I hate sleeping in. I begged KC to get up by 9:30, so we could get started with the day. We didn't get out the door, finish breakfast, and to downtown Portland until 11:30.

Despite what I thought, Portland is set on a bay rather the open ocean. Not that it made it any less beautiful, because I'll take any water over none. Second surprise was the brick surface of all the buildings. I expected regular mirrored and glass buildings on ever block. But Portland somehow kept a smaller, old ocean town feel, right in the heart of the city. They are very proud of two things- 1. Lobster 2. The Portland Headlight. Every 2 out of 3 restaurants were lobster and seafood places. It's an absolute shame I don't like seafood. I want to, but my mind games just won't allow it. So we walked past all the lobster dressed guys advertising for the various restaurants, but we couldn't pass the slight fishy smell that kept in the air. That is just Portland (similar to the smell of San Fran.).

Right off the main street, we walked to the promenade which was a park and small beach area. It was fairly cold, but I simply couldn't resist the urge and got my feet right into the water.

After our stroll around downtown and the promenade, we headed to the pride of Maine, the Portland Headlight. (not without stopping for slurpees first, it's been over a year, ok?). The Portland Headlight is a lighthouse right on the ocean, and still operating.

KC hiking near the Portland Headlight.

Just taking in the view.

Saturday, July 4th

I had three items on my "want to do" list for our trip - 1. Hit the beach ( old orchard beach, specifically) 2. Go sailing 3. Go on a bike ride, which kicked off our 4th of July celebrations. We caught a ferry out to one of the 365 islands in casco bay ( Portland).

Peaks Island could have easily been the setting for a Nicholas Sparks book (too bad he only writes about NC). It was a relatively small island, 2000 lived there year round and it grew to 8000 by the summer. All the homes were exactly what you think of when you think of a coastal getaway home.

We rented our bikes, and rode around some small neighborhood streets. We then hit seashore ave. Which took us around the outer perimeter of the island in a little over an hour. 3/4 of the way we got poured on by an immediate rain shower that lasted about five minutes. Unprepared we got quite wet, but it just added to the experience. It was fun.

On the ferry to Peaks Island

So I don't look that good in a helmet, who cares if you have that backdrop.

Minutes before it poured, we got lucky with this shot.

After our bike ride, we needed some relaxing. So we decided to finally see "Night at the Museum 2". Which we both enjoyed. And then I took avantage of having a pool, and got in a quick swim while KC caught up on his cycle of newspaper and sports articles, poolside. At 8, we decided to finally look into where the firework shows were. The closest was on the promenade where we had gone the day before, but it was suggested to get there by 6 if you wanted a seat. Crap! A bit late, we scrambled to get over to the park, asap.

It turned out good for us to get there at the time we did because the park was completely full so they had overflow on the boat docks. We got prime seating out on the water. And the fireworks looked like they were meant to be in our direction rather than to the parks. I have added that night to my happy places ( you know like when you are in a workout class, planking, and they say , "go to your happy place"). It was just perfect.

Sunday, July 5th

There were two things left on our "want to do" list. So we checked out of our hotel, and got over to the pier just in time for our sailing reservation. We got on board "the frances" a pirate looking sailboat with the crew and 7 other passengers. Our sail was 2 hours to the Atlantic and around the bay. I got a chance to pull out the sail and help sweat it out. Kinda cool. Those two hours, also are in "my happy place" bank. I think I will withdraw from that one quite a bit.

Lastly we left town and headed south to old orchard beach. It was a carnival, no really it had a carnival on the pier. Like Santa Monica pier. We ended up. Of having the right kind of change to park, and by the time we got that figured out we decided to just head home. Traffic was going to be bad and we were already looking at a late arrival home. So we hit 2 of 3 "want to do" items, not bad and it gives us an excuse to go back.

All in all, we both agreed Maine isn't as good as Rhode Island. But I would say it's ahead of the other New England states. We'll be back..

*The sign driving into Maine said "Maine: The way life should be". It was definitely appropriate.


  1. Wonderful pictures, Gen. You and KC look great. I'm glad you got away and had a great time. Love, Mom

  2. OH WOW!!!! There are no words to describe how happy I am for you and all your adventures. In my opinion, that is what life is all about and you sure are living life to it's fullest lately! I LOVE reading about your adventures and seeing your pictures. I miss having you both around but it makes it a lot easier knowing how happy you are and all the fun times you are having! What a fun/exciting time in your life!

  3. PS I forgot to mention that your pictures are really great- I love the close up of the two of you and I LOVE your braid. Too cute! Now fly out here and show me how to do Gabby's hair like that! :)

  4. I'm so glad you had a good time. The pictures are really fun. And I'm kinda loving the artistic one up the mast of the sailboat. Way to go!

    Happy Anniversary. I hope your job slows down enough for you to catch your breath. Too much work isn't good for anyone!!

  5. What great pictures!!! You and KC are so cute together! I am glad you were able to cross some things off your "to do" list that is always fun. Sounds like you guys had a great holiday weekend :)