February 03, 2010

Something about KC

KC is working on a paper for school and so the apartment is quite, except for the sounds of typing. I don't mind. It just means that he is working hard at something he loves. This weekend we went to Borders to purchase a book for him. He decided to read it in order to prepare himself for this competition he is participating in this spring, it wasn't an assignment, just something he wanted to do on the side. He is already done with the book. I know he won't ever admit to anyone that he works really hard, and goes the extra mile with his schooling. That is why I thought I would share it. I watch him day after day get up, go to school, come home (some days class goes til 8pm) and then he starts to work away at homework. Law school is interesting because they actually do read their textbooks cover to cover. He reads SO MUCH! And he is expected to memorize all the information.

And then on the side he reads other books about Law or related topics. It is things like that, that let me know how much this was a good decision. To put our lives in Utah aside and pursue something. Now that we are more than half way finished, I look at him and see all the expectations I had hoped of him are coming true. I am really proud of how much he has given to this. And I just wanted to share my gratitude.


  1. You are a sweet wife. KC is lucky to have such a supportive wife and I also think KC is pretty great. Tell him GOOD LUCK with the competition.

  2. I am SO proud of both of you! I've seen you both grown so much and you have become such a strong and inspiring couple! Tell KC how proud we are of him...he really is kicking butt and taking names right now!
    You guys rock! Love you both!

  3. Gen, what a sweet post. It IS fun to watch someone you love pursue something they love. You guys are great for each other. Thanks for sharing! Love you both!!

  4. It's a good thing I'm not a betting woman....I would have lost SOOO much money on whether KC would like law school. Man! Good job KC! And I think you should give yourself a few kudos as well, Gen. It's tough being the wife of a law student. (at least that's what I've been told) Both of you are really embracing what's going on in your lives, and it's really great. I hope things just keep getting better and better.