June 13, 2010


Saturday, KC and I headed out on a afternoon date to see the A-Team. Neither of us knew anything about the show, except for what Mr. T looks like and the phrase 'Pitty the Fool".

I thought the show was very entertaining. I rather enjoyed it. And Bradley Cooper, whooey! He is pretty cute. Kinda have a crush on that boy. KC approves, don't worry. But don't get your hopes too high for this movie. It is just a fun action film. The story isn't that fantastic, but it was just pure fun entertainment.

Then today, we saw the Karate Kid. I was never a fan of the original. And to be honest, I didn't care to see this new one. But KC was really excited to see it, and since no one else would go with him, I opted for it. And I am so so glad I did. It was FANTASTIC!

Jaden Smith was outstanding. I can't even imagine how much work he had to do to pull off that part. Can you imagine being a kid and going through rigorous training? I wouldn't have survived 2 minutes. But seriously, if you were doubting seeing this movie, you need to get past it and go.

Well, that is all. Thought I would just jot down my opinion of these movies. (We also rented "All About Steve", besides Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock, it was not worth the time...you can skip that one..hence why I didn't spend time on it).


  1. Your Dad & I went to a show purely for the entertainment and really enjoyed ourselves as well. Just for the fun of it!! Oh, I guess I should tell you which one - "Killers". We also want to see the "A Team" for the same reason. We will see that and the Karate Kid thanks to you!! Glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing.

  2. Patrick's headed to The A-Team this weekend with his old college roommates. I'm sure they'll love it!