March 27, 2012

Pump It

[Black-Eyed Peas]

First trading out scrapbooking expos for triathlon fairs, now stilettos for cycling shoes?
Pearl iZumi Race Road Shoe
I think they are just as sexy as any pump I own. [Well, maybe not the red polka dot pair...]

As I've been venturing into this triathlon world, I expected to purchase a bike, helmet, and swimsuit. I didn't expect to be purchasing these shoes. I didn't even know they existed. But, after a couple cycling classes, I realized that I was the only one wearing regular sneakers so I started asking around and reading about the benefits.

So what are the benefits to cycling shoes?

SPD Bolt
1. The soles are stiff, which provide a better transfer of power. In typical sneakers you lose that power as your foot bends in the shoe. The power with a rigid foot goes right from your quads and hammies to the pedal.

2. Also, because of the non-flex of the shoe it helps prevent injury to the foot, such as plantar faciitis. AND I AM ALL FOR PREVENTING INJURY.

3. The shoe clips into the pedal. This keeps your foot in contact with the pedal at all time, which provides a more efficient pedal stroke.

Getting used to clipping in and out will take some getting used to. And I felt that my 17.3 mile bike ride today was more difficult as learning new/better form can usually be more taxing at the start. But, I did like the lack of bounce on the pedal and found that I could focus more on my pull, rather than just push.

Excited to get to test these babies out some more. Too bad I have to wait until next week's class.

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  1. You will LOVE having cycling shoes! They really do make a ton of difference. I borrowed my friend's once to try them and fell in fast, deep love! I'll own a pair of my own...someday.
    And I agree-they ARE sexy! :)