August 27, 2005

Werewolves and Yard Sales

I work in a book store and sometimes it gets reallly slow. Well last night was, well lets say slow is an understatement. It was one of those days you feel like you should get paid double because you felt like you were there for double the time. It was slow but luckily I worked with two of my buddies, Kathleen and James. We were standing around and talking. I was flipping through a book of jokes for kids. I came across a picture with two cartoon werewolves, a mom and a child. (Yes, there are differences in adult werewolves and children werewolves, if you don't know go ask your mom. ) The top of the page had the child say: "Mommy why do the other kids at school make fun of me for being a werewolf?" at the botton of the page is the mom's reply,"Quiet darling and comb your face."

That's it! That was all.

Well, okay so we left work and had to be back there for a meeting this morning. When the meeting was over the three of us stopped at the local high school for the fundraiser yard sale. It is absolutely amazing the junk that people have. For e.g. a brief case made of snake skin( which is even more sad that I wanted to buy it), bunny paper mache statues, and a cook book entitled "cooking with pooh". Of course it was winne the pooh, but still why would you say hey kids let make pooh-rific sandwiches or look up under the table of content to find a treat and have to turn to the pooh desserts section. Not me. So that is my weekend adventure. Not to exciting but then again the night is still young. If I get to bored maybe I will scarf down some of piglet and pooh's fudge brownies. Yum!


  1. Pooh brownies...sounds delicious. Hey Viever, welcome to the blogging scene. You are going to love it.

  2. the crazy thing is, when vievegirl was a vievebaby, for six months all she did was, STICK OUT HER TONGUE EVERY WHERE SHE WENT!!! I've got pictures to prove it. Wha's up with that, girlfriend?
    Great site.