September 24, 2005

attack of the bees

I am convinced that the bees are hunting me down this year.

I got stung about a month ago in my car. Of course we weren't around anything that could stop the pain, because we were driving. I don't carry mud or peanut butter in my car.

Yesterday, a blee flew into my car again at school. I tried to get it out for 20 min. When it flew towards the window I thought it was gone. Well we arrive at my house, and surely enough we hear it totally pissed off in the back seat. Kase and I jumped out of the car. Kase trapped it in a tupperware container and the window. Boys!? Of course he couldn't fo anything because it wasn't like a table where you could slide it onto a so he let go of the container and then the bee was really mad. It flew out of the car and even though it was kase that trapped it, it flew right towards me, and landed in my hair. Me being the girly girl I am started panicking and wacking my head to get it off, meanwhile kc is laughing. Luckily I didn't get stung because I ran faster that the bee could fly.

But the weirdest thing is I saw a bee at 3 in the morning on my door. Bees aren't out that late at night....I think that they are tracking me down.


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  2. I saw this movie when I was a little kid. I was afraid for months. Or was it this one? I don't remember. Either way, SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME!

  3. gen that's awesome! hurry up and put up a new blog...i'm anxious