September 22, 2005

Top 10 things about my english teacher today

10. He wore a turqoise newsies hat, not like his usual gray.
9. He was published in his professors book for calling a cat cici instead of gigi.
8. He is for brutal beating by the teacher in school, but can't do anything because of the teachers regulation. So instead he drew a paddle on the board and wrote names of people he would like to beat. I wasn't on it, even after my laughing spree.
7. He hit his broken arm on a desk and now has to go back to the doctors.
6. He thinks I like men with silk slippers. ( he even wrote it next to the paddle on the board.)
5. He can do a very good impression of strangling someone.
4. He played a female witch in a play...and can do the best cackle I have heard yet.
3. His cat takes a shower with him.
2. He didn't fall off his chair toady.
1. Despite being large enough to get stuck in a desk, he was once anorexic. According to him he wouldn't eat food for so long that they ended up feeding him liquid food through a tube. That was until he went to france and he learned that food is good.


  1. I am going to take English 2010 over again just so I can have him as a teacher.

  2. he showers with his cat??? gross! talk about unsanitary.

    p.s. you do like men with silk slippers gen.

  3. I have never seen a man with silk I wouldn't know...yet men and silk kinda gross me out.

  4. ha ha ha Gen, I would love to see your teacher; stuck in a chair with silk slippers on, hugging his cat and cackling like a witch!!!