September 20, 2005

The funniest moment of my life was today!

Where can I even start to explain the funniest moment of my life. I don't feel I am doing any justice to the moment I had today by writing it. It was an experience you had to witness to get the full effect. But it can't go unnoticed because I can't portray it fully on my blog. I will attempt to show you: hopefully you will realize I am not exaggerating, not even slightly...

I first have to get you to picture my english teacher. He is a short, stocky scottish man. He always wears tennis shoes, white socks that go to his shins, black shorts, some sort of white t-shirt and to top it off a newsies cap. He is very articulate, and has a photogenic memory. He is definitely a writer, you can tell by his mannerisms he has spent to much time by himself creating characters and fantasy realms. And a side note he has been hit on foot by a car twice..and is still wearing the cast from the lst accident Noneless he makes us enjoy class.

Today I had a presentation. I was first to go. As I stood at the front of the desk, my teacher-took a student seat...the kind where the chair and the desk are connected. As all of us go through our presentations he nods at the back and asks questions. When all are finished he goes to get out of the chair--but is stuck--

He wouldn't budge, not at all. He raised his casted arm up out of the way. The other arm struggled to keep the desk stuck to the ground while he pushed, and shoved, and wiggled with all might to get out of the desk. and after all his might--he was still--stuck.

one student got up. held the desk steady. the teacher pushed and as he pushed the student was pulled with the desk...he was so stuck... he kept saying..stop laughing, this is so embarrassing, etc.

meanwhile I am full out laughing. I have tears dropping off my face. I am not only shaking my shoulders, my cheeks hurt, along with my stomache, and I snorted. I couldn't control my laughter.

The second student got up, the third, and he was stuck. Not until 2 students were pulling on his good arm and 3 students holding the desk did he get free.

with 20 min. left of class all hope of me regaining my composure was lost. I put my head down and just let my shoulders shake and the tears of laughter come. It was great.

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