September 16, 2005


It is amazing how many toupees I have seen this past week. As I speak there is a man in my store that has one on. His is great because it not only covers the top of his head, it is more of a wig, it goes down onto his neck...absolutely amazing.

I saw Donald Trump was on Jay Leno last night. I must have been completely oblivious to his head prior to the show last night. I was stunned when KC asked, " If he has so much money why does he wear a toupee?" I never even realized he had one...but I try not to look at him, he just creeps me out.

The ultimate was last week at the football game a man was wearing a toupee that had split ends. I think he thought, "I have to have this.... People will totally think this is my real hair...look at all the split ends...!" I didn't know split ends could occur in that short of hair.

I also was talking to a friend of mine at work, tamra. She was telling me that when she was in college she went on a blind date with a guy who had a toupee. During the middle of the date he tore it off... absolutely wonderful. Let's just say he didn't get another date from her.


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  2. Split end guy was the coolest. He had one of those toupees that looks like something kids would dig out of a Halloween/costume box and play dress-up with.

    P.s. What's KC's blogs name? I want to check it out.

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