September 16, 2005

Build A Bear

It is tradition to take my youngest sister kelsy to build a bear every year for her birthday. It is a very cute place. For those of you who haven't been there what you do is you get a sewn stuffed animal without the stuffing and you get to put it all together. You get to put a heart in it, bath it, dress it, put sounds in it , and of course add as much or as little fluff as you want.

We have done this for 4 years and every year we go is a different experience.

Year 1- Very empty store, few animals to choose from. We picked the heart and gave it a kiss. Stuffed the animal and named it. Not too exciting.

Year 2- A few customers. More animals to choose from. Pick the heart, kiss it, make a wish, a hug it. stuffed the animal and named it.

Year 3- Alot of customers. Alot of animals. 20 minutes of an indecisive sister. Pick the heart, spin around 10 times, shake it high, shake it low, kiss it, hug it, make a wish. Bath it. 10 more minutes of indecisive sister choosing an out fit. Name it and lets go.

Year 4(present)- 1 hour at the store. 30 minutes choosing an animal. Finding out which will be retiring soon. Which she doesn't have in her collection. Animals to choose from around the wall. Elmo. Choose the heart and do all kinds of things. Sing happy birthday to a frightened little boy. Bath Elmo. 20 minutes choosing an outfit for elmo. Sing happy birthday to a young girl who demands a very happy birthday song. Deal with 3 incredibly happy employees. Let's go

That is our build a bear experience.

Happy Birthday Kelsy !


  1. lol. I can't wait to see what happens next year. Wait in line for 2 hours. Sing happy birthday to 17 children. One child not happy because his song wasn't as good as the girls before. Witness a homicide. Let's go.

  2. I know it was crazy. The little girl stuck out her belly and said, "aren't you going to sing to me?"
    ...and the employee said "in one minute we will"
    ...and the girl was all snooty and said, "No I want my song now!"

    So we sang to her.