September 13, 2005

Fat Girl Can't Dance

I am a day late, but I had to get it off my brain.

My sister Kristin and I went to the U of U football game on saturday. During the half-time show a cheerleading camp performed. All the anorexics ranging from 4-17 covered the field... plus one fat girl. They start their dance and she thinks she is the star and all that. During the second set of the dance their age group had a little solo. Well they did a move where they roll their body...let's just say she thought she was so sexy. I think that is all that needs to be said.


  1. You have it all wrong, fat girls CAN dance!!! Ow baby baby.

  2. fat girls have awesome pie crust around their pants!!

  3. Veive Girl!!!

    Hey, I love your blog. It's cooo!