September 08, 2005


I know that's not a word, but honestly some people deserve that more than more stupid. Here are some of the stupider things people do in this world:

-I read that a drunk belgian woman was on her way home from a bar. She had to relieve herself so she walked into a cemetery, held onto a headstone and squatted. She was in the middle of her pee when the headstone broke off and landed on her. It was so heavy that she couldn't get it off her and she died.
-I got on my sisters blog.. and I see that my three sister all fit into my stepdad's shorts...and they took a picture. Take a look, this is stupider that the average act.
-Marble championships. Larry H. Miller, A big utah business owner( he basically owns the state), was a marble champion in junior high.
-A male at school sitting in the library has a large power ranger action figure.... and a scooter.
- The ultimate is my mom leaving me a message last night saying that she is running away and making a new city called bettyanne utah, population 1.


  1. Hey, we could have fit you in Kent's shorts too!!! What to try?

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  3. P.s. Stupider is a word, cuz "Boys got to Jupiter to get more STUPIDER.

  4. i think i once had to stop in bettyanne, utah, for some Big Red