October 13, 2005

The Cup of Life

So I used to like Ricky Martin...okay I can't lie because mostly my family reads this....I was obsessed with Ricky Martin for quite a long time. I mean I had a cardboard cutout. I had read 3 full bio's( not articles, but books) I had every magazine, Poster, Shirt, CD, etc that had every been produced with the Ricky Martin Identity on it.

Well, I finally got a boyfriend and then I wasn't such a freak. I slowly drifted out of livin' la vida loca. I had stopped shakin' my bon- bon and I surely wasn't countin the minutes( only his big fans know that song.) As I drifted out of crazing about him, I noticed he also died out of the pop culture. Everyone started asking Where is Ricky Martin? I haven't heard about Ricky Martin in a long time? What is he doing?

Well, I have found out that my devotion to his music keeps him alive. It seems like only a month ago I stopped on the name in my ipod and blasted lola, lola in my car....suddenly wha-pah! He is back in the scene....97.1 today, Oprah yesterday...and maybe a concert in SLC in January. Well well Does that mean that I have to be obsessed because this means another mans career? Ah!!! I have a boyfriend...I can't cheat on him to keep another man from starving...what to do, what to do? Maybe someone can let Ricky know that it just isn't going to work this time around...I can't ignite an old flame... It burned out a couple years ago. This can't work. Please will you let him know that. I would appreciate it.


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