October 14, 2005

Morning List

I can't stand the mornings...Here are my reasons why:

1. There is no music on the radio.
2. Your bed is all warmed up and you are forced to get out into the cold...
3. Getting ready
4. Morning people*...they are to bright and cheery...."Arise and Shine!", "geneviever queen of weaver"**...I don't even know what that means.
5. Breakfast..the worst meal of the day. eggs-nasty!
6. Geography class.
7. Ironing.
8. Shaving my legs.
9. Cutting myself while shaving my legs.
10. Setting two alarms and still running late for not being able to wake up.*** I need two alarms and a mom to solve my problem.

*All you morning people, some of us haven't adjusted to the day yet so could you tone it down a few notches?
** Mom, what does that mean?
*** I have had this problem everyday this week. I set my cellphone alarm and my reg. alarm and I still can't seem to wake up. I sleep through them both.


  1. Best post so far on your blog. You nailed the mornings. Amen sister.

  2. Solution to number 5: burgers for breakfast.