October 25, 2005

Customer List

5 THings you don't want your customers to be, but yesterday they were.

1. A mad gay man.
2. A kid who took all the stuffed animals and lined them in a row down the isle, then left.
3. A lady who buys 10 of the praying santa ornament
4. A lady who starts crying because you have to close, even though you stayed open an extra 30 minutes for her.
5. Vera Winn


  1. of all of those, number three is by far the most frightening.

  2. Anonymous7:38:00 PM

    Who the Hell is Vera!!?!??!?!? Yeah work is nuts, but you know you love it!!!! especially when I'm there!

  3. I think that number 4 is the worst...really, if you don't know what you want within 10-15 minutes, just get out!!