October 25, 2005

The streakers

I have had some requests to post about "the streakers".

Before I tell you anything, I have to say that I love Utah Streakers. They are the best.


This is Why...

A week ago my sister kristin and I went to the U of U football game. Right before the third quarter started a group of four male streakers ran across the field. They had jumped out of the stands. They had their arms waving in triumph. They were jumping around. They did what streakers do. Except they weren't naked!

You see in Utah it is bad enough if you run across the field in sneakers and your boxers. That is as close to naked as you get. The audience gasped in expression for being repulsed. The cops ran after them. And they were treated as any streaker would be. They were hauled out of the stadium. Fantastic!

Note: If their are any other requests, please add and you might see a posting for you coming up!


  1. Anonymous7:39:00 PM

    darn, sorry they weren't naked, I know how you would've loved that.....maybe if you went to a BYU game....nah, they'd probably have ALL their clothes on there.....

  2. Anonymous2:04:00 PM

    well for some reason I can't post to the one above ... stop being a martyr and try harder. I'm sure you have something to say... we're waiting!!