January 25, 2006

The Fog

Last night after watching 2 hours of American Idol, and stuffing my face with apple turnovers and cheese and crackers, my roommate ran to McDonalds to get a movie. She and her friend returned with a scary movie called, "The Fog."

Now I have to say I get scared by most scary movies including gremlins, Signs, Sixth Sense, The Village and Young Frankenstein(which I know now is a comedy, but when I watched it I thought it was a horror so it freaked me out.) "The Fog", was not one of these movies. It starred Tom Welling (young superman) and the girl that plays Shannon on Lost, so we thought it might be good.

What happens is that the Fog sweeps the town and starts to kill people by piking up knives and cutting up people and then throwing them through windows or fire. Then Tom Welling saves everyone and the girl from Lost kisses the Fog and then she also turns into fog. SO I think you got the jist that it was stupid and I wasted my night last night. But I guess it was all for humors sake. I think watching Love Monkey would have better suited my taste.

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