January 24, 2006

Utah Gymnastics

After two weeks at my new job, I have found that all I do is go home and watch reality tv. Well, this weekend I thought that I would get off my couch and go do something besides watching the part two of dancing with the stars.

I called my sister, Hilary, and asked if she would like to go to the Utah Gymnastics meet. I wasn't quite sure how much fun it would be, but hey I have free season passes. So after getting lost driving around the U, we finally showed up just in time to see the meet start. I have to say that I was thoroughly entertained by the gymnasts. It wasn't like the olympics. It was more entertaining. There was a gymnast who fell flat on her face after being unable to grasp onto the highest uneven bar. The entire crowd, 12,131 people ( which according to my boyfriend is more than the 300 who show up to the women's basketball), all gasped everytime someone fell. Now I have to cut in and say that none that fell belonged to the Utes, sorry Nebraska. The University of Utah won before the first event was even over.

The most entertaining portion of the event was when the Utah mascot Swoop stood, shaking his tail feathers infront of my sister and I. All in all, the meet was so enjoyable that during intermission I found myself asking where people had gotten the free score cards, so that I could be a judge too.