January 13, 2006

Lost Dreams

For Christmas I bought Kase the first season of the television show Lost. He is started watching the show half way through the show and wanted to see the first few episodes. So I started to watch them with him...

I couldn't stop with the first episodes, so I watched the entire first season in one week. 20 wonderful hours flew past. And now I can't watch anymore until the second season comes out on DVD. I am dying. I have to watch more. All my thoughts are on what is going to happen. What was in the hatch? What happens to walt?

And all this thinking led to my dream last night. I was getting on my first plane flight. ( I have never been on an airplane). It was totally set up like the soul plane. Except all the furniture and seats were totally beat up. KC and I got situated and the plane took off. We were sitting next to Claire. And all the others were on the plane with us. We only got 10 feet off the ground when it crashes. The plane was totally fine, except the wheel broke. People were freaking out. We had crashed in a junkyard and everyone was stuck there. So they decided to try and fix it so we could get out.

I knew and Jack knew that it wasn't ready to go when they had us all board. The plane took flight. I took a real seat, instead of the pimped out couch I was on before. 2 minutes later our oxygen masks came down and we crashed again. Then my dream ended.

Moral of the story: Someone get me the second season fast before I have another dream.