January 16, 2006

(sigh)Their in love.

When I worked at Deseret Book my good friend Krysta and I were standing at the register by the entrance of the mall. On a regular basis we would people watch from this post. Usually the most exciting thing that would happen would be when a new security guard would walk past. But on occassion we would see an ugly couple(usually a fat woman and a skinny, nerdy guy) holding hands and totally smitten with each other. And as the couple would walk past Krysta would sigh and say, "Their in Love," then she would giggle. So Krysta this entry is for you.

In my apartment complex there is a full basketball court that is directly infront of the sidewalk I use to get to my car. From my window I see kids playing basketball, or on occassion I see them ride their bikes. It is fun to see the kids enjoy life.

Although one day it all changed when I walked out of my apartment and saw a couple using what I assume to be their christmas presents to each other. A large woman, more so large in the middle, and a very tall thin nerd hold hands while rollerblading. Day after day I see the couple. And I sigh and think, "their in love." And I also think that at least someone is sticking to the exercise new years resolution. It's a great sight. The best part is that I am making friends in my building because we all pass, look at each other, and giggle.