January 27, 2006

Randy Gave ME Candy

I have to give props to my wonderful brother-in-law, Randy. Yesterday, I was very impressed that he had packed my sister a lunch to take with her to work. But to my surprise today he impressed me even more. He made me a lunch, including a turkey sandwich, Doritos, Pudding, and even a little bag of candy. I thought that was so cool. So I have to tell him thankyou.

But I can't stop here. I have to say that my sister has found a keeper(and I think that is why she married him). I have been impressed with this boy since day one. Not only has he packed my lunch today, he has provided us with a wonderful taco salad for dinner(that he made) while vacationing in Tahoe, that I crave to eat again because it was so good. He even gets us real bacon straight from the pig. And it doesn't require food for us to think he is great. He also sits through endless hours of kareoke revolution, dance offs, and the whole mix. And lastly he makes my sister happy and that is all I could ask for.

I know that this was cheesy, but if you make me a lunch, and it must include laffy taffys, then I will post something about you too. So I raise my glass of water at my receptionist desk, all by myself, and drink to randy.

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