February 02, 2006

In The News

It's about 3 o'clock and I am getting the ancies to go home. I have done nothing today but homework which has made me a bit clostrophobic. I keep sitting up and down in my chair, wiggling around, getting up to adjust my pants, and shaking my legs out, all in a quest to get the "ants in my pants" out.

So what do I do at work when my homework is no longer workable and I have set all my players on my fantasy basketball team. For the past half hour I have instant messaged my mom while checking email, shopping online, and looking through the endless supply of italian charms on ebay. I finally resort to the news. I say resort, because I am not a news person. I occasionally read something interesting here and there, but I don't pay attention everyday. Well, not until the past three weeks I was that way. I always have a time slot in my day now that I check yahoo news or espn to see if there is anything interesting there. But I will put it in at the end of my work schedule that way I don't have to read it if I was a busy day. Let me tell you that hasn't happened yet. So for the 19th day I am back to checking the latest and greatest. Or should I say what the public wants to hear.

SO I make a two lists today for YOU,

What I didn't want to know, but the news told me and...

1. The ground hog saw its shadow....There will be six more weeks of winter. I never understood that! If it saw it's shadow wouldn't that mean the sun was out. And doesn't the sun represents spring, not winter. Anyway six more weeks, yucky! Who was the retard that decided to devote a holiday to a rodent, anyway?

2. Harry Potter V, the movie, isn't coming out until late 2007. That is geeky I know, but after reading that you have to admit you are bummed out as well.

3.That Jodie Sweeton, aka Stephanie on Full House, was addicted to meth. Even though my boyfriend got her autograph and had a major crush on her. And even though I am totally jealous that he had a crush on her. I still support the Full House crew, hello?! I support Dave Coulier on Skating with Celebrities don't I?

What I did want to hear that the news told me..

1. That Americas Next Top Model will be Starting March 1. Enough said!

2.Destiny's Child has stalled their retirement to perform at the NBA allstars game. Which I am sure that I won't watch, unless KC makes me. But seriously it just makes your day knowing that destiny's child is still action.

3. My horoscope said that I should stop making sacrifices and start making myself happy. Yes, I love it my horoscope tells me to be selfish!

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