February 03, 2006

Encounters with Kids

Suprisingly, even though I am from Utah, I am not really a kid person. I never have pictured myself having a large family when I get older, and I always thought they didn't pay me enough babysitting. Minus the time that a lady accidently paid me 35 dollars an hour, and then when she realized her mistakes, just let me keep it. But honestly I have always felt very overwhelmed by children. To me they are a scary thing. Almost as scary as aliens. They are always slimy, and always pooping out green stuff, and they are super hyper or mad.

So I have two encounters with children this week. The both were out of this world. My sister and I were on our saturday run. We were on our last leg, which is the busy street by our apartments. I noticed a young, very young, boy just stumbling around a driveway. He totally looked as if he had just arrived on this planet. We both immediately knew that he was lost. He was too young for us to just leave there. He might get hit. So we walked him to the nearest house and knocked on their door. The little girl who answered explained that it didn't belong to them and that he lived two doors over. She got on her pink rainboots and showed us which house it was. After the next door was answered another little girl opened the door, but this time a man in his underwear was visible from where we stood. He shouted, "close the door!!". My sister jumped in an explained that we had his son and that we just wanted to bring him home so he wouldn't get hit. The bairly-clothed man shouted again to close the door. The little girl took her brother and we went on our way. Both frustrated that, that man was a parent.

That proves my point that children are an inconvience. But next I will prove that they are just strange creatures indeed. Once again with my sister, we were on our morning commute to work. We glance over and girl no older that 9 was peering out her car window at us. We weren't doing anything. We weren't singing obnoxiously. We weren't making faces. But she continued to hide and peek. We burst out laughing as the girl continued to look out the corner of her window until she went on an off ramp and disappeared.

So the moral to this story is that children are strange. I have a hard time figuring out that I was once a child, I am still fun and more often then not immature, but I claim I was never like that. So it is either that I run into strange children and they are not all like that, or being with my sister is the problem. Which do you think?

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  1. Also, one day we were running and we saw a kid up ahead of us a few yards. By the time we reached his house, he was hiding behind a tree that was as tall as he was, but not as wide. It was totally obvious he was hiding behind tree, but he was convinced he was invisible to us.
    Maybe it is me.