February 13, 2006

Tax Refund.

I am looking for ways to spend my tax refund. I am getting like $1000 back this week and I have been thinking about what to spend it on. I mean it is like free money(...but totally not free money). I feel like someone is giving me a $1000 shopping spree. I mean, sure, I could spend it on getting my grinding breaks fixed, or on school. I could even pay off my car. But that isn't fun. So, here are some of the things I plan on doing with it....

1. Buy 3 new swimsuits. I never understood why women had more than one swimsuit, so I think I will try it out and see what the big fuss is. I mean I don't look good in one swimsuit in the first place, I don't think a variety of colors or designs to pick from everytime I go to the pool is going to help...but HEY I have a $1000 to blow so why not?

2. A new pair of tan shoes. My boyfriend has told me that it is either him or my old pair of tan shoes. Ok, so they stink a little. I will spend a little to make him happy. So, see this isn't all selfish spending.

3. Buy the miscellaneous. Karaoke Revolution, Mario Striker's, a car charger for my ipod, a memory card for my digital camera, scrapbooking supplies, rechargeable batteries(also for my digital camera), jewelry, books, movies, clothes, and such.

4. And my favorite way to spend my Tax Refund...Gambling. I am headed to Wendover on Saturday. Let's see how fast that $1000 can go!

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