February 23, 2006


So I am naive. I come from Sandy, Utah, how could I not be? If you haven't been to Sandy, let me explain what this means...

1. Our local gazette (yes, there is a gazette, which also proves my point) writes about the local dog they are featuring at the pound, the 5k walk to help a young kid earn money, and my favorite, recipes. Nothing exciting here.

2. The scariest place in town is the supposed abandoned head stone(cemetery) factory.

3. You can run by yourself through neighborhoods, the only thing that will bother you is a grandma wanting some company.

So you can see that it really isn't a scary, or exciting place. And it definitely isn't a place that you learn about the "hard core, real world". So we tend to be more naive than your typical persons.
The best example of this is when my younger sister, came home from her junior high and told us that two boys in her class were playing a game where one would yell something louder than the other. And they were seeing who could yell this word the loudest. She then asked my mom what a boner was.

So I come to this. I travel 10 miles and land myself in a quiet job on the borders of downtown Salt Lake City. A naive receptionist that is just sitting here doing her homework. I take you back two days ago, I pick up our lunch for the tuesday meeting and as I am returning to the office I see a straggly man standing on the opposite corner of the office building. I don't think much of it and go inside to setup for the meeting. As I am placing the chairs around my desk this man walks in and asks to use the phone. I, being naive, think, "the poor homeless man, sure, he can use the phone." He calls someone, takes a candy and leaves.

Ten minutes later during our meeting the man enters the scene again, quietly, he asks me if he can use the phone again. I hand the phone to him and dial in the number. After he is done he leaves. Once he is gone, Steve(the CFO) leans over and tells me that I am not to let anyone use the phone, and that the man was most likely a drug dealer. YIKES! There it is my naiveness. So I shocking say I am sorry and that I won't so that again.

Fast Forward to 2 hours ago. I had just arrived at work. I am reading one of my assignments when the same straggly man stumbles into the office. As he gets closer I realize that he is foaming at the mouth. My heart starts to pound. He asks if he can use the phone, and I tell him that I was informed that this is not a public phone and I can't let him make a call. I proceed to tell him that there are a whole slu of businesses up the street that would have a public phone. He then gets angry and takes some candy and leaves.

I am now sitting here, having locked the front door, thinking I am going to die. All due to my naive kindness of wanting to help a poor man. SO if I die, let this be a lesson to you...don't let anyone use your phone and even more important don't let a drug dealer take your candy.

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  1. NEVER let a stranger use your telephone. And if you have no other choice, be sure to santize it when they are finished.

    Think of it this way: Their mouth was less than an inch from the handset, right? Spit particals landed on that receiver and you are now holding it less than an inch from your mouth!

    Hey, just lookin' out....k?