February 17, 2006

Oh Henry!

So as you know I get rather bored at work. To help the time pass my mother occasionally will send me links to some of the most random information. So far today she has sent me to all kinds of places including all the Dick Cheney joke pages. But I have to say even though they have all been real funny, none of them even come close to what I am about to show you.

This page is devoted to a real class act. Here you go.

So, did you pee your pants. I thought that it was fantastic. I think he must be on good terms though because he hasn't served any jail time this year. Even though it is only February 17th the statistics would say that he should have served about 30 days of jail time already. But go Henry, maybe he is actually keeping his new years resolution...or even scarier maybe he learned not to get caught.

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