March 15, 2006

Hot or Not?

Okay, so have you ever gotten on and rated the people just for the kicks of seeing who posts themselves on the sight. Well occassionally I do it. And today I am bored at work, so I am going to show you what you are missing if you don't do this. Here are my favorites for the day:

"I see dead people, do you find that hot?"

Rating 4.3

Hey one of the weasley twins got drunk and posted himself on hot or not.

Rating 4.1

I think that this kids friends posted this picture right before he puked!

Rating 6.2

I guess puking is hotter that the weasley twins.

The toga definitely qualifies for the NOT in hot or not?

Rating 5.1

Okay, only half said it was NOT the other half said, "oh baby you are lookin' so fine in that toga!"

Personally, I prefer kilts.

Rating 6

It seems that I am not the only one. (kathleen, wink wink)

This is the girl that would leave lip marks on th mirrors in the girls locker room in high school, because they wanted to "practice".

Rating 4.2

Just what I have been looking for ....a man with an arm made of fire!

Rating 6.9

These two got a 9.4 and a 4.2, can you believe that Identical twins didn't get the same score!

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