March 14, 2006


Happy Pi Day!

Isn't that a lame holiday. Oh well, I will take any means that I can treat myself to something sweet. And today I think that I will get myself a nice, big slice of chocolate satin pie.

Oh and by the way, I am the worst girlfriend ever. I totally didn't do anything to celebrate mine and KC's "anniversary". I felt really bad about it when he showed up at my door with a big beautiful bouquet of flowers, a love letter, and the season 7 of friends on DVD (to complete my collection.) He is such a sweetie. I tried to make it up by paying for cafe rio. What a dummy am I? Isn't it the boyfriend who usually forgets? Dang it! Well, I guess I do where the pants.


  1. Kathleen1:38:00 PM

    Well, congratulations on your 3 year anniversary!! And it's okay that you forgot...I forget things all the time

  2. oh, sad, it isn't that I forgot I just didn't do anything...which makes me even worse. But I think I made up for it by buying him a baseball cap he has wanted for sometime.