March 13, 2006

$10 Million

We sat at KC's house snowed in yesterday morning and had nothing better to do than discuss what each of us would do if we were to win $10 million. KC said that he would put it into a fund where he could live off the interest, oh and of course buy himself a way nice car. KC's mom said that she would like to demolish their house along with their two neighbors homes and build one gigantic home on the lot. She also wanted a painting room with all the supplies. And KC's dad wanted a garage full of cars. So then it got to me and I said that if I won $10 million dollars I would marry KC. I shocked his parents and KC by saying this bluntly to all of them. KC's mouth just kinda dropped and his dad started laughing. It was good fun, and then KC's dad said, that I could do better things with the money than that.

Now this is an odd thing to do if you get $10 million, but honestly that is the first thing that I would do with that money. KC and I have been dating for 3! And everyone knows that I absolutely am in love with him. The only problem is that he won't marry me, because he has to finish school first(not necessarily his decision) and he wants to be financially somewhat stable. I think that both of these are very smart reasons to wait to get married, plus the fact that we are pretty young. Hopefully, if I won $10 million it would cancel those fears and holdbacks and I would marry KC. The best part of stating this way to spend the money was that KC's family is kind of hush hush about talking about the idea of KC and I getting hitched. I am not quite sure if they don't want me to be his wife or what, but they don't bring up the subject. Part of me thinks that they are just trying to keep us from thinking about it, so that we won't do it (cause I know that they have said we are too young to be even thinking about marriage). They are always talking about how difficult it was that they all got married young, infront of us. And the best way they avoid the subject is to ignore me at family functions. I am constently being overlooked in conversations, and rarely do they ask me about my life.

Even better it is a completely different situation at my families house, they are frequently asking why we aren't getting married. My sisters call KC there brother and my Mom calls him her son. I am not saying that my family is easy for KC to be around, but I do have to say that I believe KC feels that he is a member already. But nonetheless I love both of our families. Andl it has been three years and I am not letting anyone scare me away from the thought that one day I will marry him, even if I don't win $10 million.

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