March 10, 2006

A Day of Winning!

OKAY, OKAY all you Kevin Covais can now thank me for saving his butt. My vote worked....HE IS IN THE TOP 12!!!! Okay so how wonderful was his reaction last night. He was so shocked that he was voted in. I loved it! That is what makes him such a stud. Anyway not only did Kevin win, so did the Utes. They pulled off a victory against BYU by what 4 points? What a game! The sad thing though with both of these wins is that they will probably both loose in the next round. Bummer huh?

So right before American Idol I was working out at Greedy K's apartment gym. I was watching a show called Made on MTV. This show is so dumb, but I always find myself watching it. So anyway they are making this good girl, in high school, into a bad girl rocker so that she will win the Battle of the Bands at her school. As I am watching this show, the other guy in the gym was like, "what is this?" I explained to him that I hate reality tv because I am addicted to it and that was why I was watching such a dumb show. Then, that show ends and Date My Mom comes on, which is also a stupid reality show on MTV. We start watching this, and the guy again asks to know what this was. I explain to him that one guy dates 3 moms and based on his dates with the moms he will choose one of their daughters to go on a date with. But then I explained that all these moms were total sluts. So I finish my workout right as it intorduces the first mom, as the lady hikes her cleavage up, the guy in the room was like, "yikes, if my mom did that I would freak out." So I say to him as I am leaving that I will change the channel for him and he was like, " no way, I want to see how things turn out." So I leave, and I am ashamed that I probably have got this guy hooked on Date My Mom. How sad...anyway, that was totally pointless. But whatever!


  1. if i could, i would leave a minature cake on your doorstep.
    happy 11 months!
    (i meant to say that yesterday, on our birthday, but i had computer issues. it's the thought that counts right?)

  2. Hey, I thought that, too. But I wasn't even sure if you were living at home. Happy 11 mo. to you as well.

  3. i'm not living at home. in fact, i'm moving back to slc from provo on monday. you should come see the new house!

  4. what new house? did the fam. move?

  5. I watched that stupid show once. (Date My Mom) You know, with me being a mom and all. I thought it would be cute. Stupid stupid stoopid show.

    Mollie wants me to date Kenny Chesney. I wouldn't mind that kind of show. Kenny Date My Mom.

    Except that I think Kenny's rope swings on the otherside of the creek. So that kinda sux.