March 03, 2006


Today is payday and under the request of greedy k, here they are:

The Top 10 Things I Won't Be Spending My Paycheck On:
(All Can be purchase on ebay!!!)

1. Fake Dog Poop, two piles!...that's digusting people!

2. Distorted Green M&Ms

3. Shamrock Glasses

4. A Star Trek University Diploma...and that is just sad.

5. A belly button lint brush...who needs that?

6. A fairy/Elf Door..???

7. A chicken hat...that is so not the fashion right now!

8. An adult size onsie...enough said about why I am NOT buying this.

9. Bacon Bandages...Can you do that?

10.My favorite (but not worth the purchase)
"Lonely Male Tangerine Seeks Single Female Tangerine"

The Poor Little Guy

So I hope you understand why I am not running to the bank to cash my check so that I can make these purchases. If you, yourself wishes to purchase any of the above I have attached their links. I highly suggest at least taking a look to see the prices and descriptions of the above mentioned tangerine. Enjoy!


  1. Sadly, the onesie had 2 bids and the Tangerine none....I just don't know what to think about that! Stacie

  2. I especially like that they onsie was already at $35 and it hadn't met its reserve yet!