April 05, 2006

Least Favorites

Ok, here are my least favorites!

Least Favorite Homemade Foods
1: Chicken Dumplings
2: Hamburger Helper
3: Scrambled Eggs

Least Favorite Comfort Foods
1: Cake
2: Pumpkin Pie
3: Snickerdoodles

Least Favorite Drinks
1: Milk
2: Egg Nog
3: Pepsi

Least Favorite Restaurants
1: TGI Fridays
2: Betos
3: Most Italian Restaurants

Least Favorite Colors
1: Brown
2: Orange

Least Favorite Smells
1: Throw Up
2: Garlic BO
3: All other kinds of BO

Least Favorite Songs
1: The Traveling Show by Neil Diamond
2: Coming to America by Neil Diamond
3: Any other song by Neil Diamond

Least Favorite Musicians
1: Neil Diamond
2: Dave Matthews
3: Clay Aiken

Least Favorite Cars (practical)
1: El Camino (I totally agree that is the worst car)
2: Ford Escorts (because I had one and then suck!)
3: All other Fords

Least Favorite Web Sites(greedy k said it right so I had to just copy it)
1: Porn
2: Porn
3: Porn(I hope search engines don't think this is a porn site with all the mention I just made of it. But if so, stop looking at naked women you sick b*stards!)

Least Favorite Stores
1: Kmart
2: Abercrombie
3: Big 5 (never shopped there but the name and the ads bug me!)

Least Favorite Holidays
1: Thanksgiving
2: New Years Day
3: Halloween

Least Favorite Movies
1: Dude Where's My Car?
2: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Least Favorite Actor(ess)s
1: Colin Farrell
2: Christopher Walkin
3: Sean Connery

Least Favorite Vacation Desinations (I've been to)
1: Boise, ID
2: Delta, UT
3: Camping

Least Favorite Books
1: Speaker for the Dead
2: My Dad Lied to Save the Earth
3: The Wedding

Least Favorite TV Shows
1: Sportscenter (I used to like it, but I've seen it too much)
2: M*A*S*H
3: Rosanne


  1. this attack on milk, speaker for the dead, and beto's cannot stand.

    However, the attack on "coming to america" is long overdue.

  2. also agreed on "the league of extraordinary gentlemen.


    Sure, it makes me vomit often, and the heartburn is a killer, but when that craving sets in.. watch out...

    Man, I shouldn't have read this before supper...