April 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

So today is my birthday! It is the most interesting birthday I have ever had. But I am absolutely loving it! I have to ramble on for a minute about birthdays, and since I am the birthday brat/princess...you must read!

1. I have gotten away with alot when it comes to birthdays! This year I turned 22 and it is the first time that I have had to work on my day! Don't ask me how I did it, but I have never had to work on April 10th. I rarely even went to school on that day. I know I never went during high school. But I felt kind of depressed this morning heading to work. You don't ever feel a year older when you get to sleep through the morning, shop, and eat on your birthday...but now I feel like an old fart having to spend 8 hours of my day at a receptionist desk.

2. But thanks to some very awesome people I have cheered up and enjoyed work. Greedy K, my sister, works with me so she got the business card and bought a cheesecake that all of us gobbled down, and on her way back she filled up my gas tank, not with the business card(just so she doesn't get in trouble). My boyfriends mom came in with the biggest bouquet of flowers (from her and her husband- Thanks! you guys!) I have ever seen. They have made the office smell all girly, and it is about time (8:2 ratio on guys girls. alot of guys can stink a place up!). I also have had people get online and wish me a happy birthday...kathleen and kylie and KC (I know to many people that start with a K).

3. But the highlight of working on your birthday is that you can have a whole birthday party through instant messanger. My mom threw the party. It was a blast!!! It was the best party that I have ever had where the hostess and myself where the only people. She had emoticon cake and balloons. And she even sang me happy birthday! When it was present time, we got online and internet shopped. I kept receiving confirmation emails of stuff she bought for me. It was hilarious! But I highly suggest throwing a party this way. Receiving those emails was a riot!

Anyway thanks everyone for making my 22nd birthday fun. I especially appreciated the emails and phone calls from my friends at DB, you guys are the best!!!


  1. I'm glad you have a great day. Working on your B-day isn't all that bad.


    All the best on your birthday and the whole year through!