April 21, 2006

No-diet Diet!

I don't know what has been wrong with me lately. I have wanted to eat everything. And this is not a good thing. I have been on the no-diet diet with my sister this year and so far it has faired me well. I have felt really good and been rather healthy without denying myself some treats and snacks whenever I want them. The purpose of this diet is to allow your brain to think it can have whatever it wants. Then it makes it easy to pass on treats and not binge on your "day off"because you don't have any restrictions. Because you can have whatever you want, your brain doesn't trigger your stomache to need that food now! Does that make sense?

Well, for 4 monthes it has worked. I haven't really lost pounds, but me pants fit better and I feel good. Until these past 2 weeks all of a sudden everything edible that is around me looks so tasty and I have no restraint to eat it. All I think is "Yes, No-Diet Diet!" and I scarf it down. I have eaten out probably 13 times in 2 weeks and I have eatten probably 1 lb of sugar. And I am giving myself the benefit of the doubt.

Well, so what! What is a girl supposed to do? Have self-discipline? No way! That is why I am going to Wendy's for lunch, but that is after I eat my donut and snickers at my desk! Cheers to the no-diet diet!

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  1. Here's to the "no-diet diet" and also to now worrying about April and our food consumption. You look good girl friend (which means so do I) ;)