April 24, 2006


So after eating everything in sight last week, I decided that it might be a good thing that greedy k and I had promised our friend to attend her cycling class on Saturday. When I was looking into being a fitness instructor I took a few college courses. My professor swore that out of any class out there nothing was harder than cycling. So if I was going to burn off the calories from my binges earlier on in the week, this was the class to take.

Saturday morning went as follows:

-7:55am alarm blasts.
-Roll out of bed.
-Call Greedy K to make sure she remembered our class.
-Change into workout clothes.
-Think, "What the he** am I about to do? Everytime I get on a bike I can only last 2 minutes, and I am supposed to last an entire hour?"
-Take 600mg Ibuprofen.
-Meet Greedy K.
-Drive to Gym.
-Walk into class late.
-Suprised to find out we have to set up our own bikes.
-Can't figure out how the handle bar goes on, and I am supposed to be able to ride this?
-Instructor helps me.
-Start pedaling, doing fine.
-2 minutes in, I am ready to go home.
-15 minutes in, Lady next to me leans over and says, "You might want to take it easy."
-30 minutes in, Sweat drips off my face onto the handle bar...."I thought that, that only happened to my dad".
-40 minutes in, Greedy K looks over and mouths, "Never again!"
-45 minutes, resisting the urge to get off the bike and walk out of the classroom stating, "listen, I just can't take it anymore!"
-50 minutes in, my legs hurt so bad I think I might never walk again.
-59 minutes in, one more f-ing minute and I can't do it.
-Finish, I walk up to my friend, the instructor, and call her a *itch!

Point is, don't get sucked into taking a cycling class. It was torture beyond belief, and I can't believe I woke up early and paid for it!

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