April 26, 2006


So I just finished a wonderfully thrilling book called, Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz. My boyfriend is a big fan of Koontz and has been reading his books for quite some time. If you don't know about Koontz he is a horror writer who some people think is as good as Stephen King when it comes to creating a fearsome story. Well, KC has been begging me to read Koontz for who knows how long. SO I finally gave in when he said that this book was more of a suspense than a horror novel. *Scaring myself into crapping my pants is just not my thing. But I can hold down a good suspense.

The book is about how when the main character, Jimmy, is born his grandfather predicts 5 terrible days in his life. As Jimmy is born the grandfather dies at the same moment, but not before he precisely names the exact dates of these terrible days. Well as the days come and go you find that clowns are deeply involved. And not just fun, laughing clowns, but scary, killer clowns.

I have never been a person that thinks that clowns are scary. I never understood why my friend, now 22, screams and runs out of the room when clowns are brought up. Was she run over by a clown crazy on a unicycle when she was young? I just don't understand. Well, this book was as KC stated just suspense and not horror. It was very good.

But the thing is I think that this Koontz has a very good talent at horror. Because it didn't hit until last night when all my dreams consisted of just slaughtering, red nosed, big footed and colorful...yes you guessed it clowns. How did he do it? Through the entire book the clown didn't send shivers down my spine, but somehow Koontz made the fear come days later in my sleep.

(Speaking of things that I wasn't afraid of until after a form of entertainment. After watching signs I became very fearful that Aliens were going to raid my room while I was sleeping. I also lived alone so I had no one to grab a bat and beat them to death. So what did I do? I slept with water by my bed for an entire month. Call me crazy, but I think it scared them away.)

Ok, so I am not afraid of clowns. If I go to the circus I am not going to be crying at the sight of a squirting flower man smashed into a small car. But that dream was pretty freaky. I think though if I go to the circus there are other things that will creep me out: to name one, bendy people.

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