April 27, 2006


Yesterday, after playing rather poor tennis, KC and I were driving to get slurpies. It is ama-za-zing what can happen inbetween the park and the seven eleven. We pulled on the first street, and the only street it would take us to get to the closest seven eleven. I looked out my window and saw a young kid driving his car with a full motorcross helmet on. I took a second glance and he was picking his nose through the window of the helmet. My and KC busted up laughing and we even high fived. It was so napolean dynamite.

So then we pulled into the gas station and we were greeted by a woman, who might really have been a man, who was completely lesbo. But to make the matters worse she was wearing a cut-off shirt revealing her masculine, and very ripped, arms. And to make them worse than that she wasn't wearing a bra and she had very large boobs. What is wrong with the world, when the only 2 people you see from one corner to next are these two? I started to get a little spooked out.


  1. Hey, what were you doing in Austin, TX?

  2. You would think, huh? But I was in good ol' Salt Lake. I think that is why it deserved a blog post.