April 28, 2006


Ok, so I have come across 2 sites that have held my attention for the past 5 hours. No, I have not been looking at scrapbook porn. Although I think I might be getting to that very soon here. (So for all you sick-o's that think I look at porn that is scrapbooked, let me explain...I will get on creating keepsakes and other scrapbooking sites, and get all excited and just stare/browse through different pictures of layouts and products and stuff, so greedy K says that I look at scrapbook porn...her husband looks at airplane porn.)

So back to my story, I have been between the discovery channel and msn for the past 5 hours. So what have I been doing? Taking quizzes. I have learned so much. And it is fun! So here are some of the interesting facts that I have learned. (I highly suggest taking these quizzes, especially if you have a job where you have alot of time to spare.)

1. In 1987, a student named Mike Hayes came up with a creative way to pay for college by writing a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. He asked the columnist to request that his readers pay 1 cent each to this boys education. Well it worked and the boy received over $23,000. ( I think I should take a page out of this guys book... I mean $23,000 would pay for more than just my education....I could actually buy scrapbook stuff instead of just looking at it online.)

2. If you take all the ants in the world and combine their weight it is equivalent to the entire human population. (yikes, and I thought the ant hill I saw yesterday was huge, maybe I should rethink stepping on ants in fear that they might all gang up.)

3. This one I can't expain so here is the situation by the discovery channel....Canadian college student Kevin Mackle, 19, was found dead of asphyxiation under a Coke machine in a Bishop University residence stairwell. Falling vending machines have caused at least 35 deaths and 140 injuries in the previous 20 years. (all that for a dollar soda???)

4. Hugh Hefner has a degree in pyschology. (I used to have a therapist...now I understand why he was such a weirdo, he was in the same genre as Hefner. Hold on, Greedy K is studying Pyschology and she was talking about scrapbook and airplane porn?hmm...I think she might have some explaining to do.)

Okay well here are some of the quizzes I enjoyed...feel free...you might be surprised.

Celebrity Majors

Money Myths

Odd Jobs of the Rich and Famous

Enjoy! And have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. No explaining...I am who I am and I excuse myself not.

    Very interesting facts...I better watch out for the ants.