May 12, 2006

Crop 'til you Drop!

Last weekend my younger sister and I attended the scrapbooking expo. I started with a card class, that contained (may I say) a rather large and annoying woman. She declared to the class everytime she had either done something creative(like tearing, instead of cutting, the paper) or when she finished the card before the rest of the class. Someone needed to tell her to shut the he** up , but scrapbookers are too nice. And while she was boasting over her "elegant" card, I looked around and realized that my boss wasn't joking when he told me that creating keepsakes (who we design the site for) produces shirts in 1 medium, 2 large, 20 XL, 40 XXL, 15 XXXL, and 4 XXXXL for the CKU(a three day on campus scrapbooking school). Scrapbookers are large.

After the class, I picked up my sister so that we could attend the shopping part of the expo. This is my favorite part. This is where you find the true meaning to "crop til you drop". Let me explain. While in one of the vendor booths, the guy who was working leaned over to my sister and I and whispered, "watch me make the ladies go wild." He then hollered, "For the next 10 minutes, all ribbon 10 for 10 dollars!" Which proceeded with a stampede of the XXXL women rushing to the tub of ribbon that I happened to have been browsing through. Not a good spot to be. I was looking for a specific color at the time that this frenzy happened so I started to grab all the ribbon I could in the hope to get my green ribbon. I yelled over to my younger sister to grab me an empty cardboard box that I could start throwing my overflowing spools into. SHe grabbed the closest box, but couldn't get to me through the swarm of ladies. But in the end the guy had made the ladies go wild, and I had gotten my green argyle ribbon. Which I do have to say looks mightly fine.

So after spending our combined $75 dollars, we sat down and scrapbooked. The show distracted us from getting much done. But, I sure had a blast. There were women doing different stunts, dances, songs, etc. for page protectors and stickers. But what would a hobbie be without the crazy fanatics. So thanks Kels for going with me, and helping me out with the ribbon crisis. Let's do it again in six monthes. But next time let's go for the flower embellishments.

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