May 15, 2006

Race for the Cure

This past weekend was pretty good. Friday night my family had a BBQ to get geared for the race for the cure, which we ran on saturday. We made t-shirts that said, "Victoria's Village", to represent our team that was running for my Aunt Vickey, who has Breast Cancer. The BBQ was so much fun. I hadn't seen some of my cousins for sometime and it was great to catch up with them. Plus there is nothing better than a big fat home cooked hamburger. But the problem with that is I didn't get a big fat hamburger, because I had never cooked a ground beef pattie before, and little did I know, they shrink considerably. SO when I placed my cooked pattie on the bun it only covered 1/2 of the bun. Oh well, it was so yummy still.

Saturday we awoke bright and early (6am, on a saturday may I remind you) and we headed to the race. 15,000 people showed up to race for Breast Cancer in Salt Lake City alone. It was by far the coolest race I have participated in, because it made you feel so good to know you were helping the cause. With the donation made by my Aunt Vickey and Uncle David ($500), the $200 my other Aunt Vicki raised, and our funds to "Victoria's Village" raised about $1,000. Anyway, I highly suggest running this next year. **It was an experience I will never forget. **When I get my film back I will post some pictures.

The rest of the weekend was ok. The downer of the weekend was spending 2 1/2 hrs at the automechanics getting my oil changed. (Note to self: Don't get oil changed on a Saturday.) After that I was so hungry, so KC and I went to Wingers (YUMMY!!!). The rest of the weekend was given to mother's day madness, between finding KC something for his mom (which is an almost impossible task) and getting the finishing touches for my mom. But it was worth it because we love them both.

Well, I am back at work. School started today. So I am sure you will hear the updates on taking a summer semester of school. The worst part of going back to work today was that my apartments were cleaning the pool as I walked by. Hello! They can't do that. It is unfair. I love swimming. Ok, 2 weeks away and I will be soaking up the sun...with a layer of spf50. No skin cancer for me.

**I will mostly never forget the teams called the "prostate posse" and the "save the boobies". Nor will I forget the 81 year old man who walked past with shorts so short that they could hardly be seen under his t-shirt. Yikes!

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