May 25, 2006

Ball Boys

Yesterday, before we sat down to watch the amazing finale of American Idol (Yeah, Go, Taylor!) we played a round of tennis. As we walked onto the court, there were two young boys playing tag. We asked them if they could move over to the basketball court to continue their game. The boys were okay with that, but instead they asked if they could retreive our tennis balls for us and keep score. We were fine with that, I mean how often do you get your own ball boy. Well, as we were getting our racquets out I looked at the boys and asked them if they were twins, one of the boys replied, "no we're Irish." I giggled and said, "cool." After that he proceeded to tell us that he was in 3rd grade and his brother in 2nd grade, and that they were playing before they had to get in the car to drive to grandmas house. These too boys were so funny, I have never seen someone so excited to go and get a tennis ball that had been accidently hit over the fence ( I am still learning, give me a break). Anyway, that was my first audience since I started to play and I think it was a great place to begin. Mostly because everytime I served they would shout, "bam." Sound affects can do wonders on your confidence.

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