November 29, 2006

This is unacceptable!

2 monthes of abandoning my blog? What was that all about? But now that I think about it, that isn't that unusual for me. I also figure that is a good sign, because I usually post when I have run out of things to entertain me at work. Which brings me to posting today. Once again I am bored. And the problem with me being bored is I usually end up shopping online, and during the holiday season that can be disasterous. I am a nut when it comes to buying gifts. The christmas season just gets to me, ya know!? I probably have a mental illness called christmasitus or something.

I bought my first gift for christmas on October 3rd. My christmas tree was put up on November 12. And I tallied up that I have 140 hours of work left before my christmas break starts. I hate to admit this, but it is true. There is something definitely wrong with me. But before you get too crazy on me, know that this is probably going to help you out if you are on my gift list. I know that KC can't be too upset about it. I bought his last present yesterday and ended with a total of 12 gifts, none of which cost less that $15. Ok, he probably will be totally pissed at me for that one, considering that it doesn't include the hat and game case I have already given him, that were supposed to be for christmas. This is also a weakness I have, I can't keep christmas secrets. I get too excited to tell everyone. I usually end up giving the gift away early and then having to replace it....anyone else do this? But I have been so good this year, I have come up with such a simple solution, when I am asked questions about gifts I just answer no. "Did you get a video game?...." "NO"; "Did you get it at Target?"..."NO" ;" Are you just telling me no?"..."NO". It is as simple as that.

Well, I think I have waisted about 20 minutes, now only 139 hrs 40 min. left to go.

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  1. just tell kristin what you got kc and then you won't tell kc? usually works for me if i can just tell someone else.

    i really need to get more on my christmas shopping.