October 02, 2006

April 10, 1984

I was never one who paid any particular attention to email forwards before. But since I have been a receptionist I look forward to those forwards that help me waste time. I have always hated how forwards always end with....send this to 10 people on your address list for a wonderful life with all the desires of your heart being fulfilled, or send it to no one and be doomed to a life of never ending misery. It always reminded me of those chain letters that were big in junior high.

The first chain letter I ever received was in 7th grade. I was stoked when my mom said that I had mail. I mean what seventh grader gets mail? And with no ebay around I wasn't receiving packages daily (I have 3 coming this week, I love getting packages). I don't exactly remember what the letter said but after reading that the guy of my liking would show interest in me if I sent it on to 10 people, I was anxious to get addresses of 10 people. Plus I didn't want the results of not sending it along, the last thing I wanted in life was to be cursed with being a loner for the rest of my days. So I quickly sent the letters out to my poor friends. Weeks went by and "the boy" still didn't show any interest. In fact, rumors were going around that he had hooked up with another girl in our class. When the next letter came, I decided that it was all a bunch of bologne and threw it away.

But back to forwards. I received a cool forward today that I thought I would share. You put in your b-day and all this info comes up about it. After placing the info into the data fields a page popped up. The first thing it said was this:

Your date of conception was on or about 19 July 1983 which was a Tuesday.

I didn't want to know that. YUCK!!! SO if you don't want to know when "ur"(my moms term for bleeping out inappropriate subjects) occured scroll down a bit. The rest is cool info. Here is some of mine:

My plant is the dandelion: Is a weed a plant? Should I take this personal? Is this trying to say that I am in disguise, just trying to fit in, but in truth I am just an ugly, nasty person at the root.

I am 709,404,424 seconds old...and counting

I share my b-day with Haley Joel Osmond, John Madden, Joseph Pulitzer, Steven Seagal, and Mandy Moore (to the day actually, which is odd because I have been mistaken as her...are we really twins??don't believe me watch the video "Have a Little Faith in me" kristin says she looks more like me than her in the video.)

The hit songs the year I was born were:

Like a Virgin by Madonna
Jump by Van Halen
What's Love Got to Do with It by Tina Turner
I just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder
When Doves Cry by Prince
Footloose by Kenny Loggins
Against All Odds by Phil Collins
Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr..
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!
Karma Cameleon by Culture Club

The moons phase on my the day I was born was waxing gibbous.

Ok, well fun stuff....so check out yours!

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